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My Filemaker Pro Programming Standards: Conventions

This page is part of the internal FileMaker Pro programming standards of Lutz Pietschker. No claims of any sort can be derived from the description of these standards. In particular, no claim can be made that these standards are complete and without errors, and that any of my software projects follow to these standards in part or completely.
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This document describes conventions and terms used throughout this documentation set.



Base TO
The first TO in a relationship chain
All database files that form the solution, and their content.
Found Set
The result of a "Find" or "Go To Related Record" operation, the currently found records in a database table. May be empty, 1, more, or all records of that table.
Adaptation of the database to local language and to specific format conventions (e.g. date and time formats, currency).
Operating System, the computer's base software environment
The complete application, i.e. all files that belong to the database, plus any auxiliary programs and data needed for the application. Excludes the user-defined database content.
Title Case
Words concatenated (i.e. without whitespace between them) in lower case, with the first letter of each word in capitals.
Example: ImportTempFile
Table Ocurrence, the representation of a table in the relationship graph
Table Ocurrence Graph, the representation of all TOs and all relationships defined in one database file.
Blanks, tabs, linefeed, carriage return and newline characters

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