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My Filemaker Pro Programming Standards: Legal Stuff

This page is part of the internal FileMaker Pro programming standards of Lutz Pietschker. No claims of any sort can be derived from the description of these standards. In particular, no claim can be made that these standards are complete and without errors, and that any of my software projects follow to these standards in part or completely.
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Copyright Note

All pages in this set of documentations are intellectual property of the author and are copyrighted by the author. They may not be copied, used, reproduced by any means without the written consent of the author.

Illegal use of this documentation may be prosecuted.


This section describes an exception to the copyright rules above.

This documentation may be downloaded and used for private purposes. It may be given to others, provided the complete and unedited documentation is passed on. This means that no pages may be omitted in the distribution, and that no page may be edited in any way. In particular, this copyright page may not be omitted. Also, the distribution must include a rerefence to the original author and to the copyright notes.


No claims of any sort can be derived from the use of these standards. Also, the description of these standards does not imply that they are used consistently in software products published by the author. This implies that no claims can be made against the author if his software products do not follow the standards described here.

This page is copyrighted by the author according to the copyright note.
All rights reserved. Lutz Pietschker, Berlin/Germany, 2011 ff.

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