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My Filemaker Pro Programming Standards: Custom Functions

This page is part of the internal FileMaker Pro programming standards of Lutz Pietschker. No claims of any sort can be derived from the description of these standards. In particular, no claim can be made that these standards are complete and without errors, and that any of my software projects follow to these standards in part or completely.
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This document describes how to write and employ custom functions. It also describes some standard custom functions found in most databases.

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Custom Function Conventions

Custom functions are used for the following purposes:

  1. To encapsulate plug-in functions
  2. To hold calculations that are used very often
  3. To encapsulate static values (constants)
  4. To provide flags that can be evaluated in a Database Design Report

Standard Custom Functions

Standard Calculations

Static Values (Constants)

Status Flag Constants

These constants are used to indicate the progress of database programming. They are used to flag pieces of script code and calculations that are not complete. The value of these functions is always =1; they follow a similar naming convention as the other constants, but the name starts with "lpTODO_", and the last part of the name can be freely chosen to indicate what remains to be done. The following status flag constants are examples:

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