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My Filemaker Pro Programming Standards: Plug-Ins

This page is part of the internal FileMaker Pro programming standards of Lutz Pietschker. No claims of any sort can be derived from the description of these standards. In particular, no claim can be made that these standards are complete and without errors, and that any of my software projects follow to these standards in part or completely.
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Document Content

This document describes the use of plug-ins for database development.

General Remarks

Plug-ins will only be used for solutions if the desired result can not be obtained without them; this requires the customer's consent or, if the project is such that this consent can not be obtained, a note in the solution specification.

The use of plug-ins during database development is allowed if the plug-in has been evaluated and approved (see list below). Plug-in functions used in this context shall only be used in scripts, never in calculated fields. Scripts using such functions shall have a name prefixed by "dev_", and they may only be accessible to database developers.

Plug-in functions must be encapsulated in custom functions, i.e. they are never directly called in scripts.

List of Approved Plug-Ins

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