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My Filemaker Pro Programming Standards: Introduction

This page is part of the internal FileMaker Pro programming standards of Lutz Pietschker. No claims of any sort can be derived from the description of these standards. In particular, no claim can be made that these standards are complete and without errors, and that any of my software projects follow to these standards in part or completely.
The page content was last revised on (ca. 2008)

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This set of documents is my personal guideline for Filemaker 7 database development. The purposes for creating these documents are to adhere to a set of best-practice design and programming methods and thereby to increase stability, re-use, ease of maintenance, and to create a consistent environment to be able to switch between projects with a minimum of delay.


  1. Conventions
  2. Database Structure
  3. Naming Conventions
  4. Database Security
  5. Indexes
  6. Fields
  7. Layouts and Reports
  8. Value Lists
  9. Scripting
  10. Custom Functions
  11. Web Publishing
  12. Localization
  13. Plug-Ins
  14. Preferences and Options
  15. Project Standards
  16. Licensing (not public)


This is version 1.0 of my FM7 solution development standards.

This page is copyrighted by the author according to the copyright note.
All rights reserved. Lutz Pietschker, Berlin/Germany, 2011 ff.

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