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myNotes: Export/Import Format

Export Format

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Each export record consists of the following fields, in the order given below. The "commonvars" entry is always the first entry, and only one such line can exist.
Note: In text (tab-separated) export format exports all date fields are in format, all time fields in hh:mm[:ss] format, multimedia fields are empty.

  1. RecordId_fsn
    =the Filemaker-internal Record ID
  2. ObjectType_t
    Any of the possible object types or link types
  3. ObjectId_t
    =1 for the commonvars entry, =the myNotes record ID for all others
  4. An extendable number of attribute fields, with the following contents:
    ObjectType commonvars Idea Set Category Status Icon Person Organisation Link
    Attribute01_d ExportDate_d CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate CreationDate
    Attribute02_z ExportTime_z CreationTime (void) (void) (void) (void) CreationTime CreationTime CreationTime
    Attribute03_d (void) ModificationDate (void) (void) (void) (void) ModificationDate ModificationDate (void)
    Attribute04_z (void) ModificationTime (void) (void) (void) (void) ModificationTime ModificationTime (void)
    Attribute05_t DatabaseOwner Name Name Name Name Name LastName Name FromId
    Attribute06_t (DatabaseKey) Description Description Description Description (void) FirstName (void) FromName
    Attribute07_t ExportFormat Text (void) (void) (void) (void) ShortName (void) ToId
    Attribute08_c (void) Image (or void) (void) (void) (void) Image (or void) (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute09_t ProjectName Url (void) (void) (void) (void) Url Url ToName
    Attribute10_t ProgramVersion OwnerId (void) (void) (void) (void) Phones (void) (void)
    Attribute11_n (void) DisplayMode (void) (void) (void) IsCustomIcon (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute12_n DefaultDisplayMode IsTopic (void) (void) (void) IsFavourite (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute13_d ProgramDate ToDoDate (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute14_d (void) DoneDate (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute15_d (void) DeleteDate (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute16_t DefaultIconId History (void) (void) (void) (void) Remark Remark (void)
    Attribute17_t (void) StatusId (void) (void) (void) (void) Email (void) (void)
    Attribute18_t (void) IconId (void) (void) (void) (void) Fax (void) (void)
    Attribute19_t (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) Address Address (void)
    Attribute20_t (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) Title (void) (void)
    Attribute21_d (void) ImportDate (void) (void) (void) (void) ImportDate ImportDate (void)
    Attribute22_t (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute23_t (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute24_t (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void)
    Attribute25_t (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void)

Note: FileMaker is very tolerant about import records. It will try its best to import the number of fields given by the import script. If more fields are encountered in the export file, it will ignore the extra fields; if less than expected are found, it will import whatever is there and leave the remaining fields empty. It will not change the import policy on the following imports but will stick to the original policy.

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