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P-XRef: Installation

P-XRef is a personal database solution that acts as a notebook for cross-related information. P-XRef is based on Filemaker Pro 15.

Install "P-XRef" as a Native Database

  1. Unzip the distribution package.
  2. Open the file pxref.fmp12 with Filemaker Pro 15. Note that you can open the database with any Filemaker Pro version 12 or higher, but you may not have the full functionality if you use versions lower than Filemaker Pro 15.

Install "P-XRef" as a Mobile Database on iOS

  1. Install the free Filemaker Go software on your iOS device.
  2. Unzip the distribution package.
  3. Transfer the file pxref.fmp12 to your device via the Apple cloud or through iTunes, by E-Mail or by HTP download. See the Filemaker Go manual for details.
  4. Open Filemaker Go and open pxref.fmp12.

Install "P-XRef" as a Runtime Solution

  1. Unzip the distribution file.
  2. The folder called "P-XRef Folder" contains all files needed to run P-XRef on MacOSX. Place this folder on your computer whereever you please (preferably in a location that is subject to your regular backup schema). Nothing will be installed anywhere else, in particular your operating system will be left untouched.
  3. Inside the P-XRef Folder look for the file pxref. Double-click it to start P-XRef.

This page is part of the documentation for the P-XRef software. It is copyrighted by the author of the program according to the copyright note.
Program version: 0.2, Documentation version: 2017-01-02. The solution ís based on Filemaker Pro 15
All rights reserved. Lutz Pietschker, Berlin/Germany, 2017 ff.

, last change: 2017-01-12