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P-XRef: User Manual

P-XRef is a personal database solution that acts as a notebook for cross-related information. P-XRef is based on Filemaker Pro 15.

This is the program documentation for "P-XRef", the "personal cross-reference database":

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. User Reference Manual
  4. Import/Export Guide
  5. Developer's Notes
  6. Copyright Note & Licensing Information


P-XRef is a personal database solution that keeps track of the user's notes. These notes may hold text, an image or media file, information about persons, web links, a due date and other information. They can be categorised and organised in sets, and they can be linked to each other hierarchically and also arbitrarily.

Please take note of the copyright and licensing information below. To install and use the software, please proceed to the Installation Guide.

Copyright Note & Licensing Information

The P-XRef software and its documentation is the property of the author Lutz Pietschker. It may be used according to the conditions given below, but may not be distributed, let or sold without written consent of the author.

Licensing Conditions

All versions 0.x of P-XRef may be used free of charge for private use. Use of the native FileMaker databases (as opposed to the runtime version of the software) is only possible and allowed if the user has obtained a FileMaker Pro license.

These licensing conditions do not imply any consent or promise for further development, support, use of future versions or usability of the software and correctness of the manual. It may be used only "as is", and the author explicitly rejects any responsibility for direct or indirect loss of data or damage to the system.

Any usage of the software implies the full acceptance of these conditions.

This page is part of the documentation for the P-XRef software. It is copyrighted by the author of the program according to the copyright note.
Program version: 0.2, Documentation version: 2017-01-02. The solution ís based on Filemaker Pro 15
All rights reserved. Lutz Pietschker, Berlin/Germany, 2017 ff.

, last change: 2017-01-12