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Memoir44 Replay

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 2005

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[Norway] Operation Archery
The Raid on Vaagso, 27-December 1941

The following game was played solitaire, using the VASSAL module memoir44v5_2. Both sides were played by me, British (BR) side with the 5-card-hand granted by the scenarion, the German (GE) side with cards drawn at the beginning of each GE turn according to the roll of a 6-sided die: If the die roll was less or equal to the GE card hand as granted by the scenario, GE draws 2 cards, chooses one and discards the other, otherwise he draws one and must play that card.

Turn 1

BR starts with Ambush, Armor Assault, Assault R, Attack C, Probe C- a pretty average hand. This scenario is a bit sensitive to the initial card draw- a few very good cards for one side and bad ones for the other side can give an advantage that cannot be neutralized later.

BR plays Attack C to order both units near Mortenes Herring Oil Factory (MHOF) and to attack with the unit having the heroic leader against the town center (church). One MHOF unit attacks the factory, the other goes to the hills and attacks the other GE unit. While the leader's unit eliminates the GE and occupies the church, the unit in MHOF is unaffected. The GE unit on the hill is eliminated.

GE rolls 1 and draws 2 cards, plays Counter-Attack. The unit in MHOF attacks back, but scores only 1 hit. One unit occupies the stores near Firda Factory (FF), another attacks the leader's unit and scores one hit.

Comment: A moderate beginning for both sides, with the BR coming off better.

Turn 2

BR plays Attack L. Unit on Maloy destroys GE Artillery, another unit occupies lighthouse after eliminating the unit there. The BR ships attack the GE unit in the Maloy barracks to support the BR infantry there and scores one hit.

GE rolls 3 and takes 2 cards, plays Attack C. Unit in MHOF attack BR infantry, but are stopped and eliminated by a BR Ambush. The unit west of FF attacks leader's unit and again scores 1 hit.

Comment: A very good turn for the British. They had the upper hand generally, but also have some units in danger.

Turn 3

BR plays Probe R and eliminates GE unit in the Telephone Exchange (TE), then occupies TE. One more target in reach.

GE rolls 1 and has choice of Probe R or Barrage, chooses Probe R. Units on Radio and Power Stations fire southward; they score 3 hits on the unit in the open.

Turn 4

BR plays Probe L, moves damage Inf to water. A demolition attempt on the lighthouse fails.

GE rolls 1 again and chooses Attack C over Medics & Mechanics. Accurate shooting from Power Station finishes the withdrawing BR near the lighthouse, and units in town flush BR from FF, elimitaing the leader and his unit.

Comment: Time for the BR to destroy something. The score is 0:4, so far.

Turn 5

BR gets General Advance. On the right section, they destroy the TE and forces the GE unit on the hill north of Vaagso to retreat. In the center, they destroy VHOF and eliminate the GE unit in the church. On the left side, they destroy the lighthouse, and fire from Maloy scores 1 hit against the Radio station unit.

GE rolls 6 and draws Recon C. He scores 1 hit agains BR in FF.

Comment: 3:4, it begins to look better for the British.

Turn 6

BR plays Probe C and destroys MHOF and FF by demolition attacks.

GE rolls 4, draws 1 card and plays Attack C. Unit in FF is first flushed and then eliminated, a BR unit advancing from TE to town receives 1 hit from a GE unit on the hill north of the town.

Comment: 5:5, this is going to be close. One more BR unit eliminated would mean a German victory.

Turn 7

BR unit advancing from TE plays Behind Enemy Lines, scores 1 hit against GE unit on hill and occupies the stores north of FF.

GE rolls 1, chooses Recon L. Fires at unit on Maloy and scores 1 hit.

Turn 8

BR plays Assault C, destroys the Vaagso Herring Oil Factory (VHOF) and forces northern GE unit into western hills. Eastern units near MHOF hit the boats.

GE rolls 1 again and plays Attack L. Bunker unit scores twice against BR unit in Hollevik, Radio Station scores once against BR unit on Maloy.

Comment: 6:5, but still very close. The Germans would now need to eliminate two British untis for a "sudden death" victory.

Turn 9

BR receives orders Direct from HQ: Maloy unit destroys the barracks, the units in the VHOF store and at Hollevik unit go for a swim, the unit remaining in the town enters the VHOF stores to prepare its withdrawal.

GE rolls 6 and draws Their finest Hour, but activates only one unit. The Radio Station fires at Maloy again and again scores 1 hit.

Comment: 7:5, but some British units are in real danger.

Turn 10

BR Assault L: The Hollevik unit withdraws, The units in the lighthouse and on Maloy go into the boats. Kenya and the destroyers fie and eliminate the GE unit in the Radio Station.

GE rolls 3 and plays Attack C. He re-occupies the Radio station and scores 1 hit each against the unit in the VHOF store and in the water near MHOF.

Turn 11

BR plays "Direct from HQ": TE units goes swimming. Maloy and Vaagso swimmers withdraw, Kenya fires at Radio station and forces double retreat towards Hollevik.

GE rolls 1 and plays Pincer Move. Moves and scores 2 hits against unit in VHOF store, moves from Hollevik and scores 3 hits against swimmers near lighthouse.

Comment: Still 7:5, but getting very close.

Turn 12

BR plays Recon L and withdraws lighthouse swimmer.

GE rolls 3 and plays Infantry Assault. Moves to VHOF and attacks unit in store, but does not hit.

Comment: The British are definitely in luck at this time.

Turn 13

BR plays Probe C. Withdraws swimmer near MHOF, and the unit in the VHOF store takes to the water.

GE rolls 4 and is out of luck: Attack L, but has no units there.

Comment: The drama turns to a close.

Turn 14

BR plays Probe C again and withdraws swimmers from VHOF store and MHOF. Only one swimmer near TE is now left to withdraw.

GE rolls 3 and plays Attack C. Moves northward, fires and scores 1 hit on TE swimmer, but they could not have eliminated the unit anyway.

Turn 15

BR plays Armor Assault and withdraws TE swimmer.

The game ends with a 7:5 British victory.

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