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Ambush! & Battle Hymn Errata

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 1998

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Ambush! and Battle Hymn Errata Listing

The errata listed here are taken from an official errata page, from the errata published in the module rulebooks, and from a lively correspondence between Victory Games and myself back in 1989/1990. I sorted them by game/ module rather than chronologically.
It is quite possible that some of the errata listed here do not appear in your copy of the game, since VG has issued several editions of Ambush! over the years, with corrections and clarifications worked in.
Sources of errata are given as

My personal remarks are written in italics and marked (ed.).

I am very interested to keep this up-to-date, so if you find something missing or wrong please write me.

Ambush! Errata


4 (Clarification) There are no ammunition types that are compatible/ interchangeable with each other, you must buy ammo specifically for each weapon type. [priv]

5.3 (Correction) Ignore the statement that captured Germans may only be moved during operations. [priv]

5.4 Sightings (Clarification) A sighting reference on a Mission Card, such as s3 or s8, indicates that the sighting may occur. Do not mark the sighting off on your Squad Record until it does occur. A sighting occurs only when you read a paragraph preceded by a Sighting Reference (such as paragraph 19 or 21). [1stErr]

6. Action Rounds (Clarification) Paragraph Checks that call for Event Checks during Rounds are ignored, but an Event marker is still placed in the hex. This clarification also applies to 6.11 (Condition Changes During Rounds) and 7.3 (Movement During Rounds). [Err87]

6.1, 3. Action Phase (Clarification) The right hand column under Exception should read: "The paragraph that activates the Germans and initiates Rounds may state that one side or the other has the advantage in the first Round." Advantage is thus pre-determined by the paragraph, although you still roll for initiative in order to place your AR markers on the correct Turns. [1stErr]
Under Panic on the same page and column, Germans may also Panic as a result of combat (13.1). [1stErr]
Panic caused by a red number on the action table is unconditional. It applies even if there is no real "reason" for panic, e.g. the soldier is far out of sight of any enemy. [priv]

6.5 (Clarification) Even an attempted attack (fire, grenade, assault) makes all US soldiers in the target hex aware. A scattered grenade/ SC makes both the soldiers in the original target hex and those in the scatter hex aware. [priv]

6.6 (Clarification) If German activation occurs during the action of a US soldier (typically movement) that soldier may end his action before any German takes an action. [priv]

6.7 (Clarifications) The movement of the Move/Snap Fire action can be before the fire, after or, if at least 4 MP were available, before and after (1 MP each). [priv]
A soldier can never move and throw a grenade in the same Turn. [Err87]
Grenade accuracy is not influenced by soldier stance, but throwing range is. [priv]

6.8 (Clarifications) Remark: Usually the paragraphs are to be taken literally; if a paragraph instructs a soldier to "crouch and fire..." he will crouch, even if that makes fire impossible because has no longer has an LOS to an enemy. Also, If a tank is not instructed to turn at the end of a move it will not do so even if it would be "logical" (e.g. to present better armor to the enemy) to do so. On the other hand, if instructed to fire it will do as much as it can even if actual fire is impossible (jammed gun or so), for example it will turn into a firing position if necessary. (ed.)
Some paragraphs state that a German soldier shall move and "...if active enemy in sight, lie prone". If not specifically told to lie prone "at the end of movement", he lies prone at end of movement or in the hex in which he gets LOS to a US soldier, whichever comes first. [priv]
A direction on a soldier card "On first turn, use..." applies to his first turn after activation only. [priv]
Self-preservation applies even if soldiers are in adjacent hexes but without LOS to each other. [priv]
A procedure to handle behaviour of transported soldiers under self-preservation conditions:


7.4 (Clarification) You do not earn VPs for activated soldiers twice if not specifically instructed. A German who left the map and re-enters does not give activation VPs again. [priv]

8.2 Buildings (Clarifications) A soldier outside a building looking in through a non-adjacent doorway cannot see a target lying prone inside the building. He can, however, see that target's hex. A soldier outside a building who is adjacent to the doorway can see a prone target in the building. A soldier inside a building, regardless of stance, can see all hexes in the field of view of a doorway. [Err87]
Embankments (Clarification) When LOS crosses an embankment hexside and one of the sighting hexes is on a lower level than the embankment hexside, the LOS is blocked, unless the other sighting hex is adjacent to the embankment hexside on the same level as the embankment. For example, a soldier in hex O11 on Map C could not see a target in hex T8 since the embankment on the Q10/R9 hexside blocks the LOS even from the level 4 hilltop. However, the target could be seen in hex U8 since U8 is on the same level as the embankment. Note that in neither case does the embankment on the O11/P10 hexside block LOS, since hex O11 is adjacent to and on the same level as this embankment. [PH]
For buildings, as for all other terrain features, the hex sides are relevant for LOS, not the artwork. [priv]
LOS from vehicles is not influenced by open/ buttoned up status. Soldiers in a building may be seen from an adjacent vehicle if in a doorway hex (any stance), but only from a large vehicle if crouching behind a window. A prone soldier behind a window can not be seen from a vehicle. LOS from non-adjacent vehicles is the same as for foot soldiers. [priv]

9. (Clarification) Though "fire into hex containing friendly soldiers" is prohibited, a soldier may fire into his own hex (even if it contains other friendly soldiers than himself). [priv]

9.1 (Clarification) When snap firing a personal weapon twice, remember to roll for jam and ammo use once for each fire. [Err87]

9.1.4 (Clarification) The rule says "Subtract the final modifier from the Basic Hit Chance to determine the final Hit Chance." This is misleading; you have to add the modifier. Since most are negative, the end result is in effect diminished, but the mathematical procedure is still an addition, not a subtraction. [David Bush]

9.2 (Clarification) Vehicles in a hex count towards the multiple target modifier for automatic fire even it may be immune to damage from this fire. For example, SMG fire into a hex containing 2 soldiers and a tank gets a +3 modifier. [priv]

9.4 Clearing a Jammed Weapon (Clarification) A German with a jammed weapon will use his second weapon, if he has one; otherwise, he will attempt to unjam his weapon. When a German Action Paragraph requires him to fire, he attempts to unjam his weapon instead. If a German becomes weaponless due to breakage or ammo depletion, he will attempt to acquire a weapon from another German or inactive US soldier in his hex, using the Pick Up/Exchange Equipment action (5.3, 6.7). Use this action instead of the action indicated on his card as soon as he is in a hex with a suitable weapon. [1stErr]

9.5 (Clarification) A German soldier out of ammo will, when ordered to fire, try to perform the first possible of the following actions instead: Fire secondary weapon, exchange ammo with other German in same hex, take the first other action from his list that does not require him to fire, lie prone. He will never leave his movement path to get to a possible "ammo source". [priv]

9.6 Optional Rule [PH]
Some of the maps contain quite a few buildings. The German soldiers and vehicles, however, have no provision for firing at targets lying prone in building hexes, because they are not in sight, and therefore not valid targets, even though German weapons are quite capable of penetrating buildings. The following optional German action is highly suggested because it allows the German soldiers to fire at these hidden targets, Letting them do so is much more realistic, and evens things up a bit.
If a German soldier has fired at a visible target in a wooden building hex, receives a subsequent order to fire again, but has no target because the US soldier has since fallen prone, the German may now fire at the wall in an attempt to achieve a penetration result. Conduct the following procedure for the German:

  1. If the paragraph gives no other options for the German (i.e., move, surrender, throw a grenade, etc.), the German conducts a PC Check: If successful, the German will fire at the wall; if fails, the German will do nothing.
  2. If the German is allowed to fire at the wall, he will crouch and conduct the procedure outlined in 13.5 of the Ambush! rules.

NOTE: A German tank will conduct the same procedure outlined above, but will fire its main gun at a stone wall, its coaxial or bow MG at a wooden wall.

10.1 Grenade/Satchel Charge Combat Procedure (Clarifications) The -3 modifier for Target Not In Sight is applied only when the target hex itself is not in sight. It is possible for a soldier to see the target hex, but not the target itself. In these cases, the -3 modifier is not applied (unless otherwise specified). For example, two crouching adjacent soldiers are separated by a window hexside. Per Ambush! LOS rules, they cannot see each other, but they can see each other's hex. Thus, any grenade or satchel charge combat between the two would not use the -3 modifier for target hex not in sight. [Err87]
Grenade and SC may be thrown into a vehicle in the thrower's hex, but this is the only case where it is allowed to throw a grenade/SC into the same hex. The "same hex" column on the hit chart should be marked accordingly. (Remark: A location upstairs or downstairs of a thrower is not regarded as the "same hex" here.) [priv]
Determine Target Damage (Clarification) If a soldier is prone in a hex where a grenade explodes, he is considered Panicked instead of Wounded if the damage result is located on the Wnd/Prone column. For example, on the Grenade Outside Row, a die result of 5 or 6 is treated as a wound if the soldier is standing or crouching, and as panic if he is prone. [1stErr]

10.2 Grenade Strike PC Check (Addition) Tanks and soldiers inside vehicles may not make this PC Check. [1stErr]

10.3. Grenade/Satchel Charge Scatter (Addition) When throwing a grenade or satchel charge through an adjacent aperture into a building, it is always assumed that the grenade or satchel charge goes into the building (although not necessarily into the target hex). If a grenade or satchel charge roll fails, it is very possible that a scatter die roll on Diagram A or B will scatter the weapon through a wall hexside without an aperture. In such cases, the scatter procedure should be slightly modified so that the grenade or satchel charge will bounce off the wall, back into the closest hex in the direction of the throwing soldier. Grenades can never scatter through a window or back into the thrower's hex, but they can scatter through a doorway. Should any problems arise in the interpretation of these clarifications, apply common sense to resolve the situation. [Err87]
Ignore the asterisks in Scatter Diagram B (if the throw originated in these hexes, Diagram A applies). [priv]

10.4 (Clarifications) Even if not mentioned here, satchel charges must be prepared before throwing. Prepared SC (and bazookas and similar weapons, but not MGs) may be carried around prepared without losing prepared status. [priv]
Satchel charges (but not grenades) may be "placed" instead of thrown which secures a hit (but leaves the chance of a dud, and possible gives the enemy a chance to dismantle the charge). Use the procedure for bridge demolition described in "Silver Star" mission 17: The SC must be prepared as usual, it takes one action to place them. After placing the SC, you must give number of turns (1 to 4, the delay time). In the specified turn (1= the turn following the placement turn, 2= the turn after that, etc.) the charge will go off at the very beginning of the turn, before anything else happens. A placed SC does the same damage as a thrown SC. [priv]

11.1 Assault (Clarification) A soldier assaulting a target in a wheeled vehicle must first enter the vehicle (1 MP). You cannot assault a target in a tank, Jadgpanther, or E-Boat. [PH]
11.1 (Clarification) Though it seems funny, soldier stance in fact does not influence assault combat at all. [priv]

11.2 Capture (Change) A captured German may be moved in Rounds, but the Movement Allowances of the German and his guard are reduced to 2. The German has a free stance change unless already wounded. The German is still inactive, and his Actions are determined by those of his guarding soldier. [1stErr]
If a captured German subsequently escapes, put him in Self Preservation for the rest of the Mission; if he begins a turn not in sight of US soldier, remove him from the map. [PH]
A US soldier guarding a captured enemy soldier can perform all Actions normally during Rounds, with the exception of firing a crew weapon. As before, his MPA is reduced to 2. In order to provide more realism, the rule in Section 9 (Fire Combat) regarding soldiers firing into a hex with active or captured friendly soldiers should be modified as follows:
If the friendly soldier is still active, the rule still applies. If the friendly soldier is captured, then you cannot fire at the enemy soldier who is guarding the prisoner, but you can fire at all other soldiers in the hex. A prisoner's guard can be changed only when the guarding soldier has a Turn and wishes to relinquish control of that prisoner. This change costs nothing. Should automatic weapons fire or a grenade or satchel charge be fired into the hex, both the prisoner and his guard take damage normally. [Err87]
There is no limit to the number of enemies a soldier may guard. [priv]

11.4 (Clarification) The -1 modifier for "captured weapons use" applies if this weapon is the only weapon available to the soldier. [priv]

13.3 (Clarification) Only inactive soldiers may be dragged, not unaware or wounded ones. [priv]

13.6 Aimed Automatic Weapon Fire (Clarification) All aimed Automatic Weapon fire -not just personal weapons- has the chance of doing additional damage. Thus, aimed machinegun fire may also hit more than one soldier in a hex. [1stErr]

15 (Clarification) Victory points gained or lost by additional forces on the player's side count towards the player's VP total if not instructed otherwise. [priv]

16.3 (Clarification) If you try to improve IN rating, fail, but the soldier's PC is already 9, the CP are lost. [priv]

16.4 (Clarification) In a campaign, the squad points of your squad do not change. You may also keep the weapons points constant, or you may re-roll them for each mission, but not a mixture of both. [priv]

17.3, 17.4 Vehicle Movement (Correction) You may not intentionally drive a vehicle into a crater hex; however, a movement reference might force a vehicle to enter one. If so, the vehicle enters the hex at a cost of 3 MPs, and makes an immediate Accident Check. Craters have no effect on fire combat against vehicles. [PH]

17.6 Fire Combat Against Vehicles (Addition) Although a closed tank is considered an active target for a German soldier, a soldier will not fire at a closed tank if only armed with a weapon (such as a pistol or bolt rifle) that has no chance of achieving the penetration necessary to do damage to the vehicle. The German will ignore those parts of a paragraph instructing him to do so. [PH]
17.6 (Clarifications) If a vehicle is hit by an explosive ammo weapon (bazooka, tank main gun etc.) soldiers in the same hex, but outside the vehicle do not take damage. [priv]
There is no "bazooka inside row" on the chart; use the "grenade inside row". [priv]
If a tank is "Open", a number of crew members will be visible and can be hit. The number of exposed crew members remains the same, even if some are hit and the crew size is reduced, as long as there are enough crew members active to fill the gaps. [priv]
When a car/ truck/ halftrack is disabled, the driver and passengers are immediately placed prone in the vehicle hex, outside the vehicle, and lose all rounds for that turn. [priv]

17.7 Cars (Clarification) Soldiers in cars cannot engage in bazooka, satchel charge, grenade, or crew weapon (except mounted machinegun) combat unless specifically noted. [Err87]

17.8 (Clarifications) A German tank will fire his main gun at the building wall when instructed to fire at a soldier in the building (getting the +4 modifier). It will fire only its MGs at a soldier visible behind a stone wall, and its main gun at the wall when the soldier there is "known" to it but invisible (prone). [priv]
If a vehicle is instructed to Move Fast but in fact only spends the Slow MP because it ends its movement (due to obstacles, because it arrived at the destination, whatever), it also spends only the Crew Points for Move Slow. [priv]

17.11 Grenades and Satchel Charges (Addition) When an attempt to throw a grenade or satchel charge into a tank or car fails, the scatter procedure is modified as follows: If the throwing soldier is in the same hex as the vehicle, use Diagram C or D below. (It is assumed that a soldier will never attack a vehicle from the front, so no scatter chance is provided to the rear of the vehicle.) If the throwing soldier is in a hex adjacent to the vehicle, use Diagram A or B (as appropriate). However, a roll of 6-9 will scatter the grenade into the vehicle's hex, not into the vehicle itself. In cases where the throwing soldier is in neither the same nor an adjacent hex, use Diagram A or B, as usual.Should the above procedure scatter a grenade or satchel charge into a building through a wall with no aperture, follow the guideline provided in the additions to Rule 10.3 (i.e., the grenade or satchel charge will bounce off the wall into a different hex). Note that a grenade can never scatter back into the inside of a vehicle or into the thrower's hex. [Err87]

Scatter Diagrams C + D

Scatter diagram C (vehicle faces hexside):
die roll 0 : Grenade/ satchel charge lands in hex rear-left of vehicle
die roll 1 : Grenade/ satchel charge lands in hex front-left of vehicle
die roll 2,3 : Grenade/ satchel charge lands in hex in front of of vehicle
die roll 4 : Grenade/ satchel charge lands in hex front-right of vehicle
die roll 5 : Grenade/ satchel charge lands in hex rear-right of vehicle
die roll 6-9 : Grenade/ satchel charge lands in vehicle hex, outside vehicle (see below)

Scatter diagram D (vehicle faces hexspine):

Remark (ed.): The original diagrams remain somewhat mysterious in the errata sheet since they are not complete, e.g. they reference an asterisk that is not found in the diagrams. VG later confirmed that, in fact, Diagram D is obsolete because a vehicle must always face a hexside.
Also, the original diagram legend suggested that on a die roll of 6-9 a scattered grenade would still land inside the vehicle. A clarification confirmed that this is not the case; rather, it scatters into the target hex, outside the vehicle, where the usual grenade/SC procedure is used (PC check etc.). It can damage all soldiers in that hex, including the thrower. However, I suggest that the thrower himself need not conduct a PC check to react to the grenade since he must be aware of it: If he has an action left, he may immediately remove the grenade (if not, he may at least fall prone immediately). [Err87], [priv]

17.12 Running Over Soldiers (Addition) If a US vehicle attempts (and fails) to run over a German soldier and wants to try again in the same turn, the vehicle must exit the hex, turn around sharply (1 MP), and conduct an Accident Check in the hex where it performed the sharp turn. If successful, the vehicle can return to the hex containing the German soldier and once more attempt to run him over. [PH]

17.13 Tanks (Clarification) A Panzer or Sherman can fire its cannon and coaxial machinegun at a target into the same hex as the vehicle. They cannot fire their bow machineguns, however. A Jagdpanther cannot fire either of its weapons (cannon or bow machinegun) at a target into the same hex. (Per 17.12, Vehicle Facing, if both attacker and target occupy the same hex, the attacker has his choice of which side to attack.) [Err87]


Mission 1: According to VG, the hex from which all of the road can be overlooked is "the hill top". [priv]
Still, I believe there is no single hex from which the complete road can be overlooked, and usually try to man both S-13 and T-12. BGG User Maverick has proposed a similar solution I like even better: Allow the LOS from the "combined viewpoints of your units at the three locations that are required to be occupied for you to accomplish your mission" to fulfill that condition.

Mission 3: Your Squad (Addition) Buy all new equipment, and receive a free radio. [1stErr]

Mission 4:
Activation on Landing (Change) All US soldiers are automatically aware when they land; ignore awareness references. [1stErr]
You may buy grenades for your soldiers, and carry them as personal equipment. [priv]
When landing on a building, but escaping on die roll of 0-3, normal drift is resumed.
It is not possible to remove another soldier's parachute, and a panicked soldier can not remove his own. As a play balance on this very hard mission you may play that all your soldiers are aware and cannot panic until they have removed their parachutes (they may not take any other action before parachute removal is completed). [priv]
Victory conditions: "The mission ends in one of 3 ways...": The third way is that all US soldiers are killed. [priv]

Mission 5: Set Up (Correction) Second sentence should read, "Your soldiers can enter the map on the south or west edge between hexes A-12 and L-19, inclusive." [1stErr]
Victory(Correction)Further testing indicates that the US requires 15 Victory Points to win, not 22. [1stErr]

Mission 6 Special Rules (Correction) The prone crew of a bunker cannot be seen through a doorway (even if the door has been breached) unless the sighting soldier is in a hex adjacent to the door (per LOS rules, 8.2, Buildings). [Err87]
A satchel charge set off inside a bunker destroys the bunker for victory point purposes but does not reduce it to rubble. [priv]

Mission 8: Set Up (Addition) The Activation Levels for this Mission are as follow: c1 (0-1); c2 (0-4); c3 (0-5); c4 (0-6); c5 (0-7). [1stErr]
If the roadblock removal Event Check results in activation of Germans the roadblock is not removed and Rounds begin. [priv]

Player Aid Screen

Assault Table A result of "-" indicates no effect. [1stErr]

Weapon Type Chart Automatic Rifle Medium Range should be "10-16" instead of "10-13." Grenade Outside Medium Range should be "3-4" instead of "2-4". Wnd/Prone result column indicates that, if this result is rolled, a prone soldier is panicked, rather than wounded; a standing or crouching soldier is wounded. [1stErr]

Fire Combat Modifiers Chart (Clarification) "Interior: Through Aperture Adjacent to Firer or No Aperture." is superfluous; combat through a wall with no aperture is handled by the procedure in 13.5, Penetration. [Err87]

Hit chart The +2 modifier for firing at a bunker wall replaces the +4 modifier for firing at a building or stone wall. [priv]

Grenade hit chart The "same hex" column should be marked "only allowed if throwing into vehicle". The assault column should be marked "n/a" because there is no provision for assault combat using grenades or SC. [priv]

Accident Table Results: [PH]
Disabled (Addition) When a car becomes disabled, all surviving occupants lose any remaining turns that Round and are automatically (and immediately, ed.)considered to be outside the vehicle, crouching in cover.
Crash (Correction) If a German vehicle fails an Accident Check and receives a Crash result on the Accident Table, the crash procedure should be somewhat modified. Consult the Movement References on the Mission Card to determine the hexes the vehicle will move through, instead of moving the vehicle 2 hexes in a straight line. While this may occasionally result in a somewhat unreasonable crash around a corner, it will keep any surviving Germans on track, and allow them to move on foot.

Soldier Cards

German Cards (Corrections) [1stErr]
German 25. Condition Column 3 should be labeled "2-3" instead.
German 66. Weapons should be Pistol (Luger) and two grenades. In Notes, the reference to German 20 should be to German 65.

German Cards (Corrections) [Err87] GE 4: die column 0-3 should be labeled 0-2.
GE 18: die column 2-5 should be labeled 2-6.
GE 36: IN should be 1, and MPA should be 3.

US Cards (Corrections).
US 01 and US 08; in notes, the reference to Mission 2 should be to Mission 3. [Err87]

Mission Cards

Mission Cards (Corrections) [1stErr]
Mission 5, Condition 3 S-13 should read "619" instead of "None." S-14 should read "479" instead of "None."
Mission 5, Condition 4 S-13 should read "619" instead of "None." S-14 should read "479" instead of "None."

Mission Cards (Corrections) [Err87]
Mission 2 (all Conditions); movement references from hex G-4 should be H-4, H-5, I-6, J-6, K-7.
Mission 4 (Conditions 3, 4, 6); movement references from V-15 should be U-15, T-14.


Paragraphs (Correction) [1stErr]

025 Place Event marker. Conduct PC Check (-1). If successful, see 007.

178. (s1) Battalion HQ reports that a German offensive is under way; abandon positions! Delay enemy at discretion. You receive 2 VPs per active US soldier exited between hexes A-13 and A-19 (inclusive). VPs are not lost for incapacitated soldiers exited through these hexes. You receive VPs for destroying the bridges (2 VPs for the wooden bridge; 4 VPs for the stone bridge; 4 additional VPs for destroying both bridges). See paragraph 1000 for bridge destruction procedure. The mission ends when no active US soldiers are on the map. Note this paragraph number on your Squad Record for future reference.

259. Every US soldier within sight of J-1 must conduct a PC Check (-1)


  1. If an active US soldier occupies hex T-8, see 802.
  2. If 3 or more German soldiers have been killed, incapacitated, or captured, crawl into hex N-5. Go to Condition 4.
  3. See 802.

1000. The stone bridge can be destroyed in two ways: With a bazooka; or with satchel charges. To destroy it with a bazooka, you must achieve Heavy penetration against it. The fire modifier is +4 when firing at the bridge; ignore other terrain in the hex. To destroy the bridge with satchel charges, two charges must be set off in the bridge hex simultaneously. A soldier, or soldiers, must place two prepared charges in the bridge hex. It takes one turn to set each charge (setting is automatic in Operations). You may then detonate them at your discretion. The wooden bridge may be destroyed in three ways: With a satchel charge; with a bazooka; or with fuel. The satchel charge procedure is the same as for the stone bridge, except only one charge is required. The bazooka procedure is exactly the same as for the stone bridge. To burn the bridge, a soldier may get a fuel can from the dump in hex L-10. Each can requires one Port Box. The soldier must then move across the bridge (automatically splashing his fuel on it). Once crossed, he or another soldier adjacent to the bridge may start the fire by spending one turn (automatic if in Operations). The fire burns for the duration of the mission.

Paragraphs (Correction; re-word to read as follows) [priv]



1000. (Clarification) "Setting off the charges" is an action for which the soldier must be adjacent to a bridge hex. One action sets off all charges on that bridge.

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Move Out! Errata

Additional Weapons (Addition) Both the Panzerbüchse and Panzerfaust have an 05 dud chance. [Err87]

Mission 10 (Clarification) If the "Paragraph-1000-Option" is used (full German force attacks the village), US soldiers enter the village. Alternatively, you may play the scenario with the US setting up in the village before the start. [priv]

US Cards (Corrections) US 01/J and K; MPA should be labeled DS. [Err87]

Mission Cards

(Corrections) [Err87]

Mission 9 (Condition 6); P-14 movement reference should be O-14.
Mission 10 (Conditions 2-4); N-10 movement reference should be O-11; 0-11 movement reference should be O-10.
Mission 12 (Conditions 3, 5); G-14 movement reference should be F-14.


(All errata [Err87] )

(Addition) 835.

(Corrections; re-word to read as follows)

458. (The reference to GE 6 should be to GE 41.)


874. Daybreak! Visibility increases to 10 hexes. If in Operations, daybreak occurs immediately. If in Rounds, daybreak occurs at the start of the next Round, in place of the Random Event Check. When daybreak occurs, go to Condition 4 and see 941, if Sighting 9 has not occurred.

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Purple Heart Errata

Additional Weapon (Addition) The Panzerfaust has a 05 dud chance. [Err87]

Mission 17: An engine or railway car that falls into the river disappears completely. [priv]

German Cards (Corrections) [Err87]
GE 64; IN should be 1; MPA should be 3.

Mission Cards (Corrections) [Err87]
Mission 13 (Condition 4); T-17 reference should be T-18.
Mission 17 (Condition 4); in the RE column, all references to 634 should be 639.

Mission Cards
Mission 18 (Condition 5); missing German movement info for Q-09; proposed solution: move to R-08 and proceed from there (reported on BGG).


(Corrections; re-word to read as follows) [Err87]

346. Conduct PC Check



662. (s6) Your soldier sees two German E-Boats preparing to escape. Activate German 67 in hex G-15 and German 68 in hex F-15. Go to Condition 3 if in Condition 2.


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Silver Star Errata

(Correction) Map designations G and H have been exchanged throughout the module. [priv]

Movement on "sloping cliffs" is only possible in crouching stance, but nevertheless costs 2 MP (in contrast to "all" MP for other crouching movement). [priv]

The "tick,tick"-counters should read "End of Round" (not "End of Turn"). [priv]

Map: (Correction) The red numbers of the action round track are missing. They should be the same as for Ambush. [priv]
None of the cliff hexsides is an embankment, even if some look as if they were. [priv]


Mission 19: (Clarifications) Divers may enter the cove by hex E2, F2 or G2. (They must not necessarily pass all 3 of those hexes, as Paragraph 787 seems to indicate, though they may if they wish to.) [priv]
Soldiers on a barge or guard boat are not considered "inside a vehicle" for combat purposes. [priv]

Mission 20: (Clarification) US01 and US02 come with the equipment printed on their cards, they get this for free. US01 has both a pistol and an SMG. [priv]
German soldier card 37 should read R instead of Q. [priv]

Mission 21: (Correction) Condition 1, Paragraph 582: If US tank is activated in Y4 you get no movement reference for it. Solution suggested by VG: Look for movement references in a 2-hex-radius and act accordingly, or use other entry point. [priv]

Mission 23: (Problem) Paragraph reference for A8 is missing (only movement reference to O-11 is given). No solution could be given by VG. [priv]

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Battle Hymn Errata


8 Line of Sight (Corrections) In LOS Diagram 1, the LOS between A and B is not blocked. At the same elevation, you can see through two palm tree hexes into a third, whether or not the third hex is palm tree. In LOS Diagram 2, B should be in hex N-14 and the explanation should read: "If M-13/N-13 and M-14/M-13 were embankment hexsides, the LOS would be blocked. If only M-13/N-13 was an embankment hexside, the LOS would not be blocked, since the LOS exactly bisects the hexes, only one of which is blocking terrain." LOS Diagrams 3 and 4 should be reversed. In LOS Diagram 4, the LOS between B and C is blocked. The hexes are at different elevations, and the palm trees are adjacent to C at the same elevation. [Err87]

9.9 Flamethrowers (Clarification) Flamethrowers cannot be fired into the same hex as the firing soldier. [Err87]
A Flamethrower must be prepared before use, remains prepared as long as the soldiers does not move, but cannot be transported in prepared state. It can never be fired into the firer's own hex. [priv]
If fired at a vehicle, the passengers also take damage even if the vehicle is only disabled (not destroyed). Exploding vehicles do not cause damage in adjacent hexes. [priv]

12 Banzai Charges (Clarification) Remember to record the activation hex for each banzai charge so you know where to return the charge should it be broken. [Err87]
12.1 (Clarification) A broken Banzai charge is removed immediately if out of LOS of US soldiers or upon reaching its starting hex, whichever comes first. [priv]

15.1 Caves (Clarification) The diagram on page 27 depicts the field of view for a cave. The LOS is not limited to the three hexes shown, but extends outward in those directions. [Err87]

15.2 Foxholes (Clarification) Foxholes cannot be dug in river, stream, ford, surf, lagoon, cliff, or boulder hexes. [Err87]

15.3 Palm Tree Tops (Clarification) When a Japanese soldier in a palm tree top is instructed to drop a grenade, do not roll as if he is throwing the grenade, but roll only on the Grenade Tree-Top Scatter Diagram to determine the hex the grenade lands in.
Also, it costs the Japanese 1 MP to descend the tree, meaning the -3 modifier for charge assaults applies to assaults from tree-tops. [Err87]

15.4 Huts (Clarifications) When a hut is hit by small arms fire you must still determine if the soldiers in the hut are hit. Rol 1 die: A prone soldier is hit on a result of 0, a crouching soldier on 0 or 1, and a standing soldier on 0, 1 or 2. If a soldier is hit roll for damage normally.
A soldier prone in a hut can be seen through a doorway only if the sighting soldier is in the same hex as the hut. Huts never block LOS. [Err87]


Mission 3 Special Rules: Road Construction (Clarification) The bulldozer begins with its blade in the "up" position. [Err87]

Mission 4 Surf (Addition) The all-water hexes are at high tide and can be entered only in rubber rafts. [Err87]
Mission 4: (Addition) If you are lucky you can end up with 9 persons and 2 rafts for 4 soldiers each. In this case, you may transport 5 persons in one raft if all those persons empty their port boxes. [priv]

Mission 5: (Clarifications) A crashed plane cannot be cleared away in this mission. [priv]
Only crater hexes on the runway count against VPs. [priv]
JA15 is worth 2 VP when broken (not 1). [priv]

Mission 6: (Clarification) The Doctor/Captain may not only give orders, he has all the usual commander capabilities (giving turns etc.). [priv]

Mission 7: Your Squad (Addition) Your squad also receives a radio for free. [Err87]
Set Up (Correction) There are only two Conditions. Ignore activation levels for Conditions 3 and 4. [Err87]

Player Aid Screen and Map

Map: (Correction) The red numbers of the action round track are missing. They should be the same as for Ambush. [priv]

Weapon Type Chart (Corrections) Automatic Rifle, Medium Range, should be 10-16 instead of 10-13; Long Range should be 17+ instead of 14+. Note 3 should read: "Prone soldiers are hit on a roll of 0; crouching soldiers are hit on a roll of 0 or 1; standing soldiers are hit on a roll of 0, 1, or 2." [Err87]

Fire Combat Modifiers Chart (Corrections) Modifiers for soldiers in rubble hexes are the same as for boulder and crater hexes. The line for Deep Lagoon/Surf applies only to soldiers on rafts. Deep Lagoon/Surf hexes can never be entered by soldiers not in rafts or by vehicles (except amphibious tractors and submarines). [Err87]

Assault Chart: (Clarification) US soldiers may never use sabres. [priv]

Movement Point Cost Chart (Corrections) Note 7 also applies to shallow Lagoon/Surf hexes. Palm tree hexes can be entered by small vehicles, but only at slow speed. [Err87]
Entering a hut does not cost extra MP beyond those for entering the hut hex. A vehicle may never enter a hut hex. [priv]

Soldier Cards

Japanese Cards (Corrections) [Err87]
All Japanese cards specifying rifles as weapons are considered to have bolt rifles, unless noted otherwise on their cards.
JA14; note should read: "Begins in Special Reaction B if not in a foxhole when activated. On first Turn, if not in foxhole, conduct 801."
JA64; In Condition 1, a die roll of 0-3 should be 995 instead of 876.
JA70should also have a light machinegun.
JA88; In Condition 1, a die roll of 4-6 should be 995 instead of 876; note should read: "On first Turn, conduct 995. Mortar cannot be snap fired."

US Card (Clarification) [Err87]
US02; the mounted medium machinegun comes with 3 clips.

Mission Cards

Mission Cards (Corrections) [Err87]
Mission 1 (Condition 2); I-11, K-11, M-11, and O-11 should read 713 instead of 714; I-8 movement reference should be 903 instead of being blank.
Mission 2 (Condition 4); X-7, Y-7, W-8, and V-8 should read s7 136 instead of s4 136.
Mission 2 (Condition 5); G-5 movement reference should be G-6 instead of being blank, N-2 movement reference should be O-2 instead of being blank.
Mission 2 (Condition 6); N-2 movement reference should be N-1 instead of being blank, X-11 should read 479 instead of s0 479.
Mission 3 (Condition 4); RE numbers 3, 6, and 5 should be s6 327 instead of 327; RE numbers 9, 10, and 11 should be s1 312 instead of 312; RE numbers 4, 7, and 8 should be s3 315 instead of 315.
Mission 4 (Condition 3); P-16 movement reference should be Q-16 instead of Q-15.
Mission 4 (Condition 5); T-13 movement reference should be 482 instead of 196.
Mission 4 (Condition 6); G-3 movement reference should be 251 instead of 196.
Mission 6 (Condition 2); V-11 movement reference should be V-12 instead of being blank, V-12 movement reference should be U-13 instead of being blank, H-17 movement reference should be G-17 instead of being blank.
Mission 6 (Condition 3); V-12 movement reference should be U-13 instead of being blank.
Mission 6 (Condition 4); U-13 movement reference should be T-13 instead of being blank, T-13 movement reference should be S-14 instead of being blank.
Mission 8 (Condition 2); P-14 should be s4 974 instead of s9 974, RE 2 should be 284 instead of s84.
Mission 8 (Condition 4); A-9 movement reference should be A-10 instead of A-9.


Paragraphs: [Err87]

004 (Addition).

007, 034, 986, 994 (Clarification) If both of the first two options apply, go to condition 4.

014 (Correction) Sighting should be s3 instead of s4.

026, 118, 177, 224 (Addition) Go to condition 2.

032 (Correction) Fourth option should read: "If rounds are available and no targets are in sight, see 035."

213 (Correction) If in Condition 3, see 270.

214, 232 (Clarification) If the hit chart yields a result of "assistant", consider it a passenger (determined at random).

229, 308 (Correction) Should be s7 instead of s4. In 229, it is JA40 who is supposed to make the PC Check, not JA30.

242 (Correction) Activate JA21 in the first hex seen on the list (not in hex G-14).

251 (New Paragraph)

259 (Correction) Option 3 (last line) should read: "If Q-13 is destroyed, remain in P-13 and put Special Reaction A into effect."

262 (Correction) Delete " hex W-2."

314, 319 (Correction) The camouflaged road runs through hexes E-19, F-19, G-19, H-19, and I-19.

329 (Clarification) Go to the specified Condition immediately only if you are in Operations. If both of the first two options apply, go to Condition 4.

342 (Clarifications) The sub has a deck crew of 6 (not 8). It costs 2 Crew Points to conduct aimed fire with a machinegun, and 1 Crew Point to conduct snap fire. The machineguns have 360 degree arcs of fire. If the sub is damaged, it will not pull out to sea immediately. Instead, flip the sub counter to its damaged side and the sub loses any Turns it has remaining in the current Round.

353, 390, 398, 418, 479 (Clarification) s0 in this case is JA13.

365 (Clarification) s3 in this case is JA10.

376 (Correction) If fails, see 459 (not 457).

406 (Clarification) s4 in this case is JA11.

419 (Addition) The plane has two speeds: Taxi and flight. Unless specifically stated by a paragraph, the plane is assumed to taxi (on the ground) and uses its taxi speed (see Vehicle Summaries). Once a plane takes off, it has an unlimited Movement Point Allowance and is moved hex by hex until it exits the map. When on the ground, soldiers can conduct fire combat against the plane using the Summary to determine damage. When in flight, soldiers may not fire at a plane unless specifically instructed to do so by a paragraph.

433 (Clarification) The native uses card US03.

444 (Clarification) s5 in this case is JA12.

486 (Correction) JA13 is supposed to be activated (not JA12).

538 (Correction) See 557 (not 551) if you wish to commence Rounds.

556 (Correction) If in Condition 4, see 587.

587 (New Paragraph)

592 (Addition) The bunker hit chart is as follows:

Bunker Hit Chart
Die Part Hit Armor Die Part Hit Armor
0-7 Wall H 0-4 Wall H
8 Aperture M 5-7 Door L
9 Crew (x) 8-9 Crew (x)
(x) = If bazooka fire, treat as an aperture hit if front facing is fired upon, as a door hit if door facing is fired upon.

The prone crew of a bunker cannot be seen through the doorway (even if the doorway has been breached) unless the sighting soldier is in a hex adjacent to the door. (Per LOS rules, 8.2, Buildings).

646 (Correction) The last line should read "avoided" (not violated).

719 (Correction) Scatter diagram should be B, not A. [priv]

736 (Correction) Second option should read: "If US soldiers in sight at a distance greater than four hexes from M-6 and US soldiers are north or west of this hex, crouch and conduct best fire at closest target. Fall prone after fire, if free stance change is available and an active target is in sight."

750 (Addition) If no active target is in the same hex, see 724.

869 (Addition) If US soldier is in the same hex, assault to kill.

923 (Correction) Put Special Reaction P into effect (not Q).

973 (Clarification)

The first hex the plane taxis into is O-5.

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Leatherneck Errata

Due to a production error, the Mission Card for Mission 11, Condition 2 is wrong. Use the replacement card included for Condition 2. It has the identity code of 3002207-K, which is printed at the center right edge.
Also, in the center of the book are three corrections to other Mission Cards; cut out the corrections and paste them on to the Mission Cards before starting play. [LN]

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