Lutz's Websites: Change Log

Author: Lutz Pietschker


On this page you will find a summary of major changes to my web sites … occasionally, i. e. if I get around to document them.

Date Changes
  • Updated all dance-related pages.
  • Corrected all syntax errors, corrected all internal links.
  • Retired some obsolete Filemaker-related pages.

Just to prove that "occasionally" can be used in the comparative degree, here is my next update. Some big changes indeed:

  • I started to convert this website and its companions (, to HTML 5 and the Bootstrap 4 framework. With 420 HTML pages and a lot to learn his will take quite some time, I am afraid; as of today only the index pages have been done. I will clean out some older, long unused pages in the process.
  • Since Dreamweaver CS6 will not work anymore on the next version of MacOS (10.15), I combine this with the next complete change of website tools. The mainstay tool will be BBEdit (back to the roots!), supported by Filezilla for FTP-based site management and BlueGriffon for WYSIWYG editing.
  • I re-launched the pages of Wechselschritt, a Berlin dancing group I am attached to; I used a HTML5 UP! template ("Editorial") for these pages. For now I host the site as part of my own website, i. e. not as an independent domain.


Ho-hum. I said occasionally, right? This page was in sad disrepair. Here are the more important additions to my website since 2011:

  • Pages now distinguish between content updates and purely formal changes
  • Completed the site-wide CSS-based reformatting
  • Added the Dinghy Race game page, restructured the main index pages (no content change).
  • Major overhaul, due to a switch from GoLive CS2 to Dreamweaver CS5 (templates, components, formatting, link check, syntax check etc., replacing formatting tags with CSS). This will ongoing work for some time to produce pages with up-to-date technique.
    So far, I cannot really say that I am happy with the new tool; I suppose I will get used to it by and by. The migration tool is a major catastrophe; consequently, most of that work was done in BBEdit.
  • The stage "Der Märchenbrunnen" was closed, changed the web text accordingly.
  • Closed down the alias site because I never used it much.
  • After only minor maintenance work for a very long time, I added a page showing my Memoir44 miniatures.
  • Added ICRA header signature to most files
  • Finished the formal reconstruction of the site, updated all e-mail addresses in the process and removed obsolete ones. Starting now to add contents to the "cleaned" site.
  • Finished the formal restructuring of the site, finished formal overhaul of link and book list pages. Checked all links and weeded broken links out. Added some new links from my old and long To Do list.
  • Reformatted all pages except my games pages (which are in progress).
  • This has rather been a "What's Ancient" page for a very long time now. I hope to catch up with some updates by and by. My current project is to move from the excellent and sturdy, but rather outdated AOLpress HTML editor to Adobe GoLive (if I could afford it I'd take Macromedia Dreamweaver, but well, ...).
  • Created template pages, beginning to move the content to the new format.

Sometime that year I must have launched the first version of my website. The web was pioneer's land at the time (it had been invented just 5 years earlier!), HTML was a big adventure for most of us, and major webspace providers were called AOL and Compuserve.

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