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Version: 1998

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Here are some thumbnails of downloadable pictures about Cry Havoc!, e.g. box covers, drawings by players, and scenario scenes- just to give an impression what this game looks like; click the thumbnail image to see the full picture. Enjoy!

The box cover art is copyrighted for Standard Games and Publications, UK, and Jeux Descartes Eurogames, France.

Cry Havoc box
Cry Havoc box cover detail
Siege box
Siege box cover detail
Viking Raiders box
Viking Raiders box cover detail
Outremer box
Outremer / Croisades box cover detail
Samurai box
Samurai Blades box cover detail
Lichtbringer box
Dark Blades (Lichtbringer) box cover detail
Dragon Noir 1 box
Dragon Noir 1 box cover detail
Dragon Noir 2 box
Dragon Noir 2 box cover detail
Impression of Cry Havoc gaming with miniatures
Conan drawing
"Conan always gets through!" ,a drawing by Alain Eveno
Mule drawing
"Take that, mule!" ,a drawing by Alain Eveno
Scenario detail
Sir Richard and his band of knaves have surprised Lady Blodwin and Edith at the bathing pool. But help is at hand, as Sir Conrad counter-attacks together with Sergeant Llewellyn and his men. (Detail of an invented small scenario.)

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