Cry Havoc: Who's Next?

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 1998

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Who's Next

a very silly game to be played using any of Cry Havoc, Siege, Outremer, Samurai Blades, or Dark Blades.
I reproduced this game from the back cover of the Standard Games catalogue.

The game needs an umpire and ideally five or more players (the more the merrier). Choose any infantry troop type without missiles (e.g. spearmen). Each player has one character of that type. The umpire secretly arranges the characters names in a "ring", e.g.


He then gives each player a piece of paper with his victim's name on it (e.g. John's victim is Jack, Fred's victim is Tom). The players start at the edge of any of the maps, evenly spaced out.

All normal rules apply, except for combat. Each player must kill his victim. When he does, he gives his piece of paper back to the umpire, who checks the name, and then receives his victims piece of paper (e.g. when John kills Jack, he gets Jack's piece of paper with Fred's name on it). This is his new victim!

The game continues until only one character is left.

Each player moves in turn. If you move adjacent to another character you must stop. If you wish you may attack him. Roll one (6-sided) die, on a 1 to 5 you kill him, on a six he kills you! When only 3 players are left, both roll one dice, the highest score wins - throw again for ties.

The players score victory points as follows:

The player with the most points wins. In a tie, the player who survived longest wins.

Good hunting, but remember...
Watch your Back!

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