Cry Havoc Extended Rules

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 1998

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The examples only use one map, namely "The Village", so I left the mapboard name out of the co-ordinates.

MP spent are given in (parentheses) after the move, explanations are given in <angled brackets>.

Tiptoe Through the Bodies

It had been one of those evenings, and in the morning bodies are littering the street: One man in L9, 2 men in I10, 2 men and a mule in G14, one man in G11, a destroyed cart (=debris) in F11-G11, and a horse in L9-L10.

Edith (MPA: 4) appears in L6, yawning. She decides to go for a walk and look if there is anyone out there worth mourning about. She moves L7 (1), L8 (1), L9 (2) <horse + man, equiv. to 4 men, double movement cost>, L10 (1), stop.
Next turn: K10, J11, I10, H11, stop (4).
Next turn: G11 (2), G12 (1), G13 (1), stop.
Next turn: G14 (4) <2 x 2>, stop.

"Nothing particularly interesting out here" she decides, and moves F14, E13, D13, C12 (4) to her friend Gwendolyn to have some tea and a nice chat.

Fancy Footwork (equestrian version)

Sir Richard L9-L8 talks to Leopold K9.

He moves forward L10-L9 (1), pivot backward L10-K9 (2), forward M9-L10 (1), backward L10-L11 (2), pivot backward L10-M10 (2).

He's looking at you, Leopold!

Now You See Him, Now You...Die

Francisco S6 is on watch.

Ben approaches from Z6: Z7, Y7: Francisco S6 comes into sight <slope hexside U6/V7 is nearer to Francisco than to Ben>, X8, W7: 6 MP, and out of sight again.
Francisco S6 moves to the R6 door hex (1).
Ben W7 moves to V7: No Francisco in sight, though Ben can see hex S6. On to U6, T6: sees Francisco R6, and opts for security in U6 (5).
Francisco R6 sneaks back to Q5 (1).
Ben U6 to T6: no one in R6!, on to S6, and waits (5).
Francisco Q5 to P5, P4, Q3 (6).
Ben S6 takes a look around: R6, Q6, P7, Q6, Q5, P5: sees Francisco, but has spent all MP. Francisco's crossbow bolt is the last thing Ben sees in his life.


Sir Roland in T7-T6, viewing Sir Piers V13-V14 (both mounted): May he charge attack?

He may, because the T12 tree does not make his way longer than necessary. He must charge in the front arc from V12-V11, however. Though he could reach the rear arc from W13-W12 (and make the attack less dangerous to himself), this would not be the shortest possible route to Sir Piers.

Roland attacks with 30+15=45 points, rolls a die, and on 1 to 3 Piers catches it fully, on 4 to 7, too, but counterattacks with 22 points, on 8 or 9 Piers evades the attack, and on a 10 even dismounts Roland.

The same opponents, but in E7-E6 and E13-E14, same question:

The answer is "No" for 2 reasons: because no LOS exists, and because Roland would has to spend 6 MP to reach Piers because of the building that stands in the way (without circumventing the building he would need only 5).

Muuuuules- Single Fiiiiiiile- MARCH!

We have Aylward in N10, a war horse (MPA 8) in O9-P9, and a string composed of a draft horse (MPA 4) in O8-O7 + Mule1 N7 + Mule2 O6.

Aylward takes the war horse (1 MP), leads it to O10-O9 (1 MP for the horse, none for Aylward), O10 + P10-O9 (1 MP each), lets go of the horse (no MP), and moves to P10, P9 (2 MP).
The next turn he spends attaching the war horse to the draft horse.

Next turn he moves to Q9, takes up the war horse, and moves with the string: R10, S9, T10, U10 (6 MP). The movement notation for the complete string would look like this (the part in parentheses is, in fact, not required because the other animals follow the first one hex by hex):

Aylward R10 + horse Q9-P10 (+ horse O9-O8 + Mule1 O7 + Mule2 N7)
Aylward S9 + horse R10-Q9 (+ horse P10-O9 + Mule1 O8 + Mule2 O7)
Aylward T10 + horse S9-R10 (+ horse Q9-P10 + Mule1 O9 + Mule2 O8)
Aylward U10 + horse T10-S9 (+ horse R10-Q9 + Mule1 P10 + Mule2 O9)
Both Aylward and the draft horse have used up their full MPA. Now Aylward decides to take a look around. He moves from U10 to...

Aylward T10 + animals stay
Aylward U9 + animals stay
Aylward U8 + horse T9-S9 <pivots> (+ rest stays)
Aylward T8 + horse S8-S9 <pivot again> (+ rest stays)
Aylward U7 + horse T8-S8 (+ horse S9-R10 + Mule1 Q9 + Mule2 P10)
Aylward U8 + horse T9-S8 (+ rest stays), end of turn.

Next turn: Aylward V9 + horse U9-T9 (+ rest stays) <horse U8-T9 would also be allowed>
Aylward W9 + horse V10-U9 (+ horse T9-S9 + Mule1 R10 + Mule2 Q9)
Aylward X10 + horse W10-U10 (+ horse U9-T9 + Mule1 S9 + Mule2 R10)
Aylward Y10 + horse X10-W10 (+ horse U10-U9 + Mule1 T9 + Mule2 S9)
Aylward Z10 + horse Y9-X10 (+ horse W10-V10 + Mule1 U9 + Mule2 T9), end of turn (Aylward and the war horse used 6 MP, the draft horse and mules 5 MP.)

Shunting a Cart

The carter drives his horse Liese and cart U10-V11+V12-V13, T10-U10+V11-V12, S9-T10+U10-V11, R9-S9+T10-U10, Q8-R9+S9-T10, P9-Q8+R9-S9, O9-P9+Q8-R9, N9-O9+P9-Q8, M9-N9+O9-P9 (this took 8 MP = 2 turns), and slowly detaches the horse (one turn to disembark, one to detach Liese).

Odo and Crispin watch him. "We wanted you to drive the cart to Q7-P8 to load it!"
"Never mind, you are strong enough to move it yourself! And put it in P8-Q7, or I cannot attach Liz to it again. When shall I come back to fetch it?"
"Let's see... half an hour to load it..." ...and how many to move it?

This approach would work: O9-P9 + 2 men in (O8, Q8): forward N10-O9 + (N9, P9) = 1 MP, 1st turn.
backward O9-O8 + (N9, O7) = 2 MP, 2nd turn.
Now Crispin N9 changes his position and goes to P10, Odo O7 to N8.
Again, backward to P8-O8 + (O9, P7) = 2 MP, 4th turn.
Change again: Odo P7 to O7, Crispin O9 to N9.
Last shove: backward to P8-Q7 + (O8, P7) = 2 MP, 6th turn.

" 6 turns pushing the cart... carter, take a good rest in the pub, we will call you!"
(Is there a quicker way to do it?)

Oh Carry Me Back...

It had definitely not been Sir Peter's day. He lies dead in W12, and Tybalt V11 and Geoffrey W10 have come to take him to the chapel.

A cart with a draft horse stands in R9-S9 + T9-U8. Tybalt moves V12, V13, W13; Geoffrey moves to W11.
Next turn, they move together W10-W11-W12, W9-W10-W11.
Next turn, pivot clockwise to X10-W10-V11 (2, because Geoffrey spent 2 MP in the slope hex).
Next turn, move W9-V10-U10, V9-U9-T10.
Next turn, they load what is left of Sir Peter into cart hex U8, with Tybalt moving into U9.
Next turn, Geoffrey moves to U9 and enters cart hex T9. Tybalt moves T10, S10, R10, Q9 (4), and takes up the horse (1) (he may not begin to move the cart because Geoffrey embarked this turn).

Next turn, the assembly moves away to convey the deceased to his last resting place.

Freddie Goes Berserk!

Let's assume Frederick T14 is allowed to go berserk by a scenario special rule (I always suspected him, anyway).
His friend Sir Piers U10 is fighting with Sir Roland V10 and Crispin W9.

At the start of his movement phase, Frederick rolls 8 and goes into a rage. He aims for Crispin who is the only enemy in LOS: move U13- hold it! Sir Roland comes into sight, and is nearer. Continuing to use the route using the least MP, he moves V13, V12, V11 and attacks Roland: let us assume n/e.

Next turn Crispin moves to W10. Roland and Crispin wound Frederick, but it is his first wound in this fit of rage: n/e!

Now Frederick rolls again: 7, +3 DRM <in rage> =10, rage continues. No effects in this and the next fights.

Next turn Frederick rolls an original 10 and really turns mad: random DR are Roland 4, Piers 2, Crispin 8: Frederick attacks his friend Sir Piers! The player decides to let Piers attack Frederick first (he still may decide on the sequence of movement and combat, and he would have been allowed to move Piers away in the movement phase to protect him from the attack), rolls low, and wounds Frederick. This time he has to take the wound because it is the second in this fit of rage (in his next fit, he again would ignore the first wound). Frederick in turn gets a n/e against Piers. Next turn Frederick rolls 3, +3 DRM =6, the fit ends, and so does this nightmare.

We're the Tax Men! Open that door!

Ben H12, Aylward J12 and Crispin L12 are expecting trouble. The King's tax collectors, Sir Roland G5 and Frederick E6 have just come into sight.

Ben shuts the door I11, moves I12, J13, and shuts the window J13/J14 (4). Aylward bolts the I11 door (all). Crispin moves K11, J12, I11(inside) (3).

Roland G5 moves to G9 (4), and Frederick E6 to F7, G7, G8, G9, G10, G11 (6).

Ben bolts the window J13/J14 (all), and Crispin begins to reinforce the door. A DR6 of 2 gives a new battering resistance of 22.

Sir Roland moves H10, I10, I11 and roars "We came to collect the taxes! Open, in the name of the King!". Frederick moves G12, G13, H14, i13, J14.

Ben moves to i12, and Crispin continues to strengthen the door: DR6 =4, new strength 26. Aylward yells "Never, you robbers!"

Sir Roland batters: attack strength =15 +1 <DR6> =16, leaves a battering resistance of 10. Frederick waits.

Crispin reinforces, helped by Aylward and Ben: DR6 =6 +1 DRM =7, resistance is up to 17 again.

Sir Roland batters weakly again: 15 +1 <DR6> =16, still no visible effect. Frederick does better, and with 12 +4 <DR6> =16 the window collapses.

Aylward shoots and is lucky: in spite of medium cover, he kills Frederick, and after that moves J13, J14, I13 (4). Crispin smells his chance and unbolts the door, Ben moves J13, J14 (5).

Sir Roland loses courage and moves H11, G11, F12, F13 (4).

Aylward wounds him with his first arrow, and moves H14, G13, F14. Ben moves I13, H14, G13, and Crispin opens what is left of the door and moves H11, G11, F12 (4). Together they attack the encircled Sir Roland, and kill him.

May all tax collectors end like him!

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