Cry Havoc! Extended Rules

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 1998

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Compiled, Edited and Extended Set of Rules for Cry Havoc!

Warning- this page is under construction; some links may still be dead or point to empty pages!

These rules in the process of being converted to HTML format. For the time being, the only complete set is the older text version which is plain text packed into a ZIP file. The formatting is abominable I'm afraid for which I have to thank a certain Mr. Gates and his minions who bungled every attempt at data compatibility so far.
The ZIP file contains the complete rules text but not the map descriptions.

Download Rule Set (80k zipped text file)

You may download a complete set of the HTML-formatted rules, including all necessary pictures, for local use. The rule set will be available as a Macintosh archive file or as a Windows ZIP file (sorry, actual links will be added later). The necessary decompression utilities (StuffIt resp. Zip) are freely available at most software archives for both PC and Macintosh.
For PBM gaming you also need the Cry Havoc Maps page which is not included in the archives.

Disclaimer: My English may be not quite standard, which has the simple reason that I am German and this is all they ever taught me. In cases of doubt please read what I meant, not what I wrote. And, yes, it is meant to be UK English.

Copyright notice: The games and original rules are under copyright for Standard Games and Publications Ltd., UK, who have done a great job providing us with them in the first place, and by Eurogames Jeux Descartes, France. You must own the original games and rules to play, for technical reasons and to protect this copyright. The rule set presented here I consider a set of remarks and game variants, quoting original rules passages only for reference. For customer and ordering information please look up my Cry Havoc web site.

The extended rule set itself is copyrighted for myself. By all means, pass them on to others, but please observe the following restrictions: The rules may only be given away in complete form (including this copyright notice), and you may not distribute them commercially or charge any fee for them other than the cost for copying and shipping.

As the author of this page I take no expressed or implied responsibility for the content of external links; opinions expressed on such pages are not necessarily mine. The web space provider is not responsible for the contents of this page or any linked pages.

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