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Playing Games, and Writing About It

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I have a few games I want to sell – please look up my Games-for-Sale List!

I spend a lot of time with playing games- face-to-face, solitary, or by e-mail, and I mean boardgames, not computer games. I also have a lot of them, but unfortunately I do no longer find the time to play them all. I want ot mention some oft them; those who are my favourites, or have been, at some time, or are otherwise worth some attention...

Dinghy Race icon
Dinghy Race is a self-made variant for Regatta (3M, 1967) or Regatta (Gigamic, 2010).
Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a co-operative game for 1 to 6 players. Players are firefighters who try, as a team, to rescue victims from a burning building. For me, it is the first really interesting game about firefighting.
Conflict of Heroes
Conflict of Heroes (German title: Angriff!) is probably the series of squad-level wargames I have always been looking for. A good simulation, playable, good material, and plenty of options to tweak. My page only has some variant information on it.
Cry Havoc
Cry Havoc! is a boardgame about medieval man-to-man combat that will see a re-implementation under the name of Guiscard. The game is very colourful and playable. On my Cry Havoc! pages you can find pictures of the game, the silly mini-game "Who's Next", a review I wrote, the replay of a game played by mail, PBEM rules, a character manifest, a map coordinate system and a set of consolidated and extended rules.
Antiquity is a brutal game of development in a mock-Italian-Renaissance setting. Players farm the landscape around their cities, expand their zones of control and try to keep their people fed. Which sounds easier than it is, as the symbol indicates.
Memoir 44
Memoir44 is a wargame... well, not quite. A "family wargame", if such a thing exists, but fast and easy to play, with splendid material, and rules that are a LOT easier to memorize than, say, those of ASL. It is not a simulation, however, not at all.
Wings over France
Wings over France is a solitaire boardgame of WW I aerial combat, produced by Lambourne Games. An intriguing game system and a hard fight indeed.
Victory is a block wargame by Columbia Games, the same company that produces the HarnMaster role-playing game and the BattleLust miniatures system. On my page there are just a few graphics resources, like additional counter labels, and house rules.
Formula De
Formula Dé, a car-racing game I like very much- except some of the rules. So I read all variants I could find and finally came up with one or the other variant of my own. A very small page, I am afraid.
Hârnmaster is a role-playing game I discovered while looking for a tabletop skirmishing game. Compared to other role-playing games it uses little magic, but offers a very detailed and realistic medieval world to play in. The tabletop (miniatures) game compatible to it is called BattleLust.
Sports Games
Sports replay games are a kind of games I only discovered after many years of gaming. I wrote an introduction about such games and a report about Lambourne Games Day for a Berlin game magazine. The editor was kind enough to allow me to publish a translation of these articles here.
Nessie Hunt, a family boardgame of crypto-zoology, and with the friendly kind of weirdness you may expect of a game about that topic. If you want to expand your views on Scottish monsters this is just the game for you.
Plague Rat
The Plague! boardgame is concerned with the Black Death epidemic of 1348-1350. The game is also known under the title of Rats!. Hopefully, the Plague! page gives an impression what this game is like. You'll also find web links to related games and topics there, including pictures of Weymouth, UK.
Ambush! by Victory Games and Raid on St. Nazaire by Avalon Hill are two of my favourite WWII solitaire games. I like them so much that I have written reviews about them; for RSN I have also collected historical pictures, pictures of a battlefield walk and other source material.
London's Burning
There are many games that cover the "Battle of Britain", the famous air battle over England that lasted from July to September 1940. I have one excellent solitaire game about the topic, "London's Burning" by Avalon Hill, and one two-player-game, "The Battle of Britain" by TSR.
Civilization, that is the boardgame developed by Francis Tresham and published by Hartland Trefoil, UK, the editors that have given us many other intriguing games like 1829 and Spanish Main. The current version I play is Advanced Civilization (published by Avalon Hill).
Twilight War
The Twilight War is a curious boardgame by SPI, published in 1984 and apparently forgotten soon after. It is one of the games which I think they should be great, but which in fact I never really played because I found it flawed somehow. The obvious solution was to write a review about it and find out whether others share my opinion.
Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) is not a game but a way of living- you won't have much time for other things if you play it seriously. If you are interested in detail and prepared to read 200+ pages of rules, this should be the game of your choice. Also simulating WWII infantry combat on a similar level is Up Front, a unique and elegant card game.
You will find some links to ASL- and Up Front-related web pages in my games web link page.
Games of Exploration appeal to me a lot. I have some such games, like Spanish Main, Age of Exploration, New World, Source of the Nile, Viceroys (see my Viceroys counter manifest), Anno 1503, and Entdecker.

And last but not least: Ther are two web resources you should not miss if you are interested in games:

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