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A table legend is at the bottom of the table.

These stats are meant mainly for Design-Your-Own purposes; actual characters provided in the games may have different stats.

Class arm mnt healthy wounded stunned Remark
Warhorse 0-1-8 - -
Warhorse x 0-2-8 - - exists only by scenario special rules
Arab Horse 0-1-12 - -
any other Horse 0-1-8 - - applies also to any led horse
Mule 0-1-6 - -
Oxen 0-1-3 - -
Dog 4-2-10 - - from Extended Rules

*** to be expanded later ***

Ransomed knight (x) 0-8-6 0-4-3 1 or personal values if less

Meaning of the table entries:

An "-" entry stands for "not applicable". Characters are sorted by class, and by name inside each class.

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