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Paper Automata
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Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 2018-05-08

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General Information

This is a collection of other small automata that do not warrant their own gallery page:

Picture Gallery

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When you turn the crank handle Cupid wobbles through the air, flapping his wings: A simple crankshaft mechanism. Like the next model this one was pre-punched and pre-scrored. I didn't notice that when I bought them and am moderately grummpy about it. The punched lines are correct and mostly sit correctly on the colour edges, but to get nice, neat cuts & scores you have to trim the cuts with a scalpel and to re-score. All in all not that much of a time-saver, then.

The fool does knee-bends while raising his arms, a neat and somewhat unusual pushrod-and-levers mechanism. See the video of his excercises:

A couple who want to kiss but are kept apart by the cruel mechanism. A small nice greeting card automaton by Walter Ruffler.

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