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Paper Modelling

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 2023-03-04

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Note: Some (German) pages about my non-paper model steam engines are here.

Paper Modelling- An Old Hobby

This is true in a double sense: Paper modelling itself is not a "new age" thing; it goes back at least to the year 1802, when the first known book about paper modelling was published (Heinrich Rockstroh: "Anweisung zum Modelliren aus Papier"). In fact, it must of course have been older, for the thing must have had some addicts if someone undertook to write about it. By the way, even Goethe mentions that he used to construct and build paper model houses as a child, so it seems to be a cultural heritage as well. (The last remark was for the teachers among my readers.)
In a more personal sense, it is an old hobby for me, for I started with it in my early teens and have been at it, although with some rather long "inactive intervals", ever since. Below, you can also read something about the models I built.

For me, the charm of paper modelling is its simplicity as far as tools and basic construction are concerned, coupled with nearly endless options for enhancement and complexity. The range of models that are offered by many publishers around the world is huge, there is nearly nothing you don't find if you look for it. Also, it is fairly easy to construct paper models by oneself, or to at least add some improvement to bought models, which pleases my engineering spirit. And with each model anew, it is a small wonder to see 3D structures grow from flat pieces of cardboard.

If you are interested in the hobby, I can recommend a few web sites and books to start with:

My Models

Let me group my models into four ranges:

Size is always given as "length by depth/wingspan by height". Abbreviations used are:

Prehistoric Models

Note: If the scale, size etc. seem a bit too detailed for a model long gone, they are probably taken from current catalogues or the AGK database. The models are listed in the completion (or surrender) order as I remember it.

There must have been others, but, well, my memory is not up to the task.

Historic Models

Roughly in order of construction finishing date:

Models under Construction

In order of construction starting date:

Future Models

This list is not complete and in no particular order (some are loosely in order bought, but not throughout, new acquisitions will be added at the bottom of the list).

That's it, and the "yet to build" list looks like it should keep me busy (and happy) deep into old age, especially when considering that somehow it grows faster than I build the models (and that "old age" is getting nearer day by day).

I will answer any questions gladly, time permitting. Which is, as things are today, a big "if" I am afraid.

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