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Mirontaine Paper Models

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 2010-12-31

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General Information

Mirontaine is a French publisher with a good range of historic cardboard models and decorative stationary. The models come packed in the size of a large postcard, and I tried some of them because I thought I might use them as a decoration in my small stage, or for modelling courses I want to hold there, one day. They are, in fact, nice as decorations but not much suited for ambitious beginners, and it is hard to demonstrate proper modelling techniques on them. This is because they are pre-punched (no cutting needed) and pre-scored (no scoring needed). They can also be assembled without glue (by sticking tabs through pre-punched slots). On the other hand they are sometimes hard to fold exactly because of the very thick cardboard, which would be a problem when working with children.

The models I assembled were precise and fitted well, but tended to warp and wobble somewhat because the cardboard does not hold the bent shape very well, it always tries to straighten itself again. This is the reason why I glued them together, after all, and also added stabilising brackets where needed. The colours are fine and make them nice to look at. Well, not much more to say, otherwise the writing takes longer than the building.

Picture Gallery

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A carousel, or merry-go-round, in 1900s style.
Colourful figures and nice graphics, but the pre-punched contours are rather rough, of course. The vertical pylons are hard to fold without tools.
Craigievar Castle, Scotland, in Potemkin style. Nice to look at from the front...
...but hollow in the back. An inscription ("message") on the backside indicates that this may be meant as a birthday card. I added some struts to keep it in shape, but it still will not really "settle down" to its intended shape.

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