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Paper Models
designed by Peter Markey

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 2010-12-31

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General Information

This is a collection of models by Peter Markey, an experienced and extremely creative Welshman:

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These small, funny models by Peter Markey are cardboard versions of the nodding-head figures you find in some cars (I always dread to see their owners- would they also be nodding all the time?) Just funny to look at, very easy to build, and great little gifts.
Each model comes on one sheet (25 x 18 cm) plus instructions. I added base plates and did away with the tab-slit gluing method Mr. Markey proposes, but then I used "real" glue instead of the sellotape suggested in the instructions. The "nodding" parts are connected to the bodies by threads and balanced with a bit of plasticene.
Click the image below and see them nodding in a small movie (230 kB)!

The wave machine produces mighty cardboard waves when you turn the crank, causing a little ship to move up and down with them. Hope the passengers do not get sick!

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