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Paper Model
Der Volksvertreter

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 2010-12-31

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General Information

This is a neat and funny little automaton. Walter Ruffler's automata always combine well-working gear mechanics with a funny context.

Picture Gallery

(Click image to show it in large size in a new window.)

The representative at his usual quiet self.

Click the right-hand picture to see him in action (620 kB Quicktime movie). While continuously bobbing his head, he slowly raises the right arm (as if to vote) and then suddenly drops it again.

Our brave paper-pusher at a peak of activity. The right-hand side picture shows the two rods that operate the bobbing head (through the seat of the chair) and the rising "voting" arm.
The mechanics, seen from front and back sides.

Building Hints

In the edition I have the figure sits about 2.5-3 mm too high (which is approx. the thickness of the chair seat), the legs of the figure would not touch the floor. I had to shorten the chair's legs by 2.5 mm to get the mechanism to work.

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