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Paper Model

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 2010-12-31

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General Information

The printers of Neuruppin were among the first in Germany to put out a large volume of prints that were done in the then-revolutionary colour-lithography process. The models are meant for children or for the pleasure of the whole (Biedermeier-) family as they would sit together and work on the model. I prefer to imagine the second option- for children there are too few clues given as to what the finished model should look like. At least the reprints also have no assembly instructions to speak of. The models were probably not bought primarily for the pleasure of building them but also as a toy once finished. This is shown by the fact that most models included persons, carts and other items to play in the scene shown by the model.
The paper models were by far not the only product of these printers. They also produced paper dolls with various sets of clip-on clothes, toy theatres and stationary.

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This is the way I assembled the mill, the rocks, the wall and the fence. The only clue to the intended positions was a drawing the size of a post stamp. In spite of the, by our standards, simple technology the print looks pretty good.
On the back of the reprint there are historical notes. The base was added by me.
The sign above the door says "Mehl Handlung" (flour shop), a logical usage of shop-floor in a mill.

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