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Hello, and welcome to my web-site. This is probably not one of those sites one must have visited, but perhaps you have some fun reading it, and hopefully it even holds some useful information. Do not hesitate to tell me what you like and what you don't, what you found to be wrong or silly. If you want to be notified of changes on my web site you should consider to link up to my What's New page.

Here are some things you can find on my pages:

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I have collected some ideas and variant scenarios for Flash Point: Fire Rescue, a cooperative game about, you guessed it, firefighting and rescuing people. I made a free variant for this (Oktoberfest), and I also designed a few commercially-produced variants: 2nd Story, Extreme Danger, Dangerous Waters and Honor & Duty.
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Dinghy Race is a self-made variant for Regatta (3M, 1967) or Regatta (Gigamic, 2010).
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Paper modelling is a very old hobby of mine, and at last I got around to write a bit about it. Not much, but something to awaken some interest in the thing.
You can read German-language pages about paper modelling and paper toy theatres on my dedicated website papierwerke.info.
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In 2014 I fulfilled a childhood dream and bought some model steam engines. These pages are about my experiences with them. There is also a section about my metal construction sets. (Note: These pages are in German language.)
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Games, mostly board games of the more complex sort, are another hobby of mine. If you are interested in the games I play and own, look into my gaming page for more information. You will also find reviews of one or the other game there.
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I like hiking and have started to write down some of the tours I did, or plan to do (in German language).
I like to take photos, and I share some of them here. Please note that access to some collections is limited to people who know the correct password.
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In 2003 I took up paddling (kayaking) again as a weekend hobby. I am just a beginner at this time, but I felt the urge to put down some of my experiences in writing (in German language).
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Dancing has been my hobby for some years now, originally standard dances, but increasingly "Volkstanz" (i.e. folk, or ethnic, dances). (Pages are in German language.)
Web City Berlin
The Web... what is it good for, if not for linking up and telling others what we found and what we liked most! Visit my favourite links page with the sections Berlin Topics, Skydiving, Dancing, Games, Battle of Britain, Books and Paintings, Medieval Lore, Science, HTML, Computer Topics and, of course, Miscellaneous.
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And lastly...: It's me!, introducing myself, my immediate environment, and the city I live in- Berlin. I also wrote down some of my thoughts, so I wouldn't forget them.
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This is a link to an obsolete(German-language) website for people interested in fairy-tales: Der Märchenbrunnen. "The Fairy-Tale Well" is the name under which my wife used to publishher fairy-tale events. You can still find some information and old posters there.
...and what about skydiving? Well, it used to be an important pastime for me, but those days are gone. If you want to know about skydiving near Berlin please visit the pages of my former club.

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