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Montjoie and Caravanserai Characters & Markers

The characters listed here have been published by the Cry Havoc Fan community for fan-created scenarios. They are not part of the original published games.

A table legend is at the bottom of the table. For stats of animals and generic characters look up the Generic Characters and Animals Table.

Name Class arm mnt healthy wounded stunned Remark
Khafr camel rider   x 14-9-12 7-4-12 -
  7-6-8 3-3-4 1 camel: 0-1-8
Camel 1...3 camel   0-1-8 - 0-1-0 sitting carries load
Camel 4 camel   0-1-8 - 0-1-0 sitting carries litter
Hamstring Cutter/Loader marker         6x
Inside Building/On the Roof marker         6x
Up the Tree/Open door marker         6x
Mine/Kneeling marker         6x
Stakes marker         16x

Meaning of the table entries:

An "-" entry stands for "not applicable". Characters are sorted by class, and by name inside each class.

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