Cry Havoc Extended Rules

Author: Lutz Pietschker
Version: 1998

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The rules in this file are the megalomaniac attempt to outdo Standard Games and to provide a complete set of rules usable for every game of the Cry Havoc! series. They are meant to replace the rule booklets (in a technical sense only, see copyright notice on the entry page) so read the rules carefully, please: Some might be different than those you are used to! Some familiarity with the game is assumed, though, and historical background and character descriptions are only included where necessary in the context of the rules.
What I left out entirely is magic. Those who are interested in it should take a look into Dark Blades or into the Dragon Noir series- but if you read carefully, you might find a dragon somewhere in this text.

I tried to keep playability as high as it was originally, and often decided to use a simple rule but to explain it rather extensively on the assumption that reading a long but easy text is still faster than reading a short but complicated text some times over. For additional explanations, see also the Plagiariser's Notes.

If you want to replay the examples you need the mapboard "The Village" from the Cry Havoc! basic game, and some counters.

To prepare the maps for PBM gaming (by adding a co-ordinate system) please look up the Cry Havoc Maps page.

If you do not like these rules but still want to play Cry Havoc by mail, please use the basic PBM procedures described in my web site, which are based solamente on the original rules booklets.
If you are utterly annoyed and regard me as a scoundrel conning connection charges out of you, just cry havoc and send me a challenge. Keep those gauntlets flying!

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